LP Gas

Camper LP gas systems should be checked yearly (at the very least) for leaks and the correct operating pressure. Checking the pressure requires a manometer which most owners don’t keep in their tool boxes and so should be done by a dealer or service center. LP gas systems are designed to operate at 11″ WC (water column) or about 6 1/4 ox. per sq. in. At this low pressure it doesn’t take much of a change up or down to affect how your appliances operate. Manometers are also used in leak checking. A popular method of leak checking is to use a manometer to monitor for a pressure loss. The other choice is to turn the gas on and check fittings with a leak testing solution or soapy water.(Do not use anything containing ammonia) One drawback to this method is that yo can not check for gas leaking through an appliance valve. Also, if you are traveling alot, you may want to check the manufacture date of your LP cylinders. If they go out of date while you are traveling, you may not be able to have them filled. The date is stamped on to the collar of ALL LP cylinders in the form MM-YY. When a cylinder reaches its 12th birthday, it must be inspected or recertified. If you find more than one date, the most current should have a letter after it, most often an E. This date is good for 5 years.

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