It’s winterizing time for some of us. The easiest way to winterize you water system is to take your camper south to warmer weather for the winter. Unfortunately for most of us, that isn’t always practical. If you are going to do it yourself, there are a few things you can do to ensure an easy and thorough job. These items apply to demand type water systems. If you have a pressure water system, you can eliminate the pump converter kit. The water heater bypass kit as the name implies, allows you to winterize without filling the water heater with antifreeze. The pump converter kit allows you to pump antifreeze through the system without dumping a lot of antifreeze into your fresh water tank. THe blowout plug screws into your city water hookup and gives an easy way to blow water out of the lines and water heater. After blowing out the lines, don’t forget to remove the water heater drain plug and let the water drain until air blows out the drain. Pump the antifreeze throughout the system. Don’t forget to dump some in the traps. Alternatively take it to your dealer for winterizing. Finally, before parking for the winter, be sure your waste tanks are empty and closed. Don’t seal the water heaters with plastic, as it can trap moisture and do more harm than good. Check the condition of your roof vents. A normal roof vent is shin if the plastic is dull looking or pitted; consider replacing them before storing for the winter if you are storing outdoors.

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